Monday, November 19, 2012

That Sporadic Look....


So easy to imagine but so much work to achieve.
This word has
an entymological meaning – coming from the word spore
(you best know it from the underside of ferns)
where every little random dot might become another fern.

Well, planting the spring bulbs so that they look well,
here and there – a little irregular -
sporadic, if you will, takes patience
and precious garden space…





Last month I received 10 Cyclamen plants from
Edelwiss Perennials in Oregon –  the state
(thank God it's a blue one)
 that seems to produce the best plants.
This is the 3rd or 4th attempt in my two decade plus gardening
career to re-create a field of blooming cyclamen once
seen under a great spreading tree in autumn
 somewhere in a wine region of France.
This somewhat hazy apparition haunts me.
My 1st order from Edelweiss looks very good and included a nice
personal note from the proprietor Urs Baltensperger,
which is always a turn-on .
The young plants were lusty…the leaves well-mottled and
I have a very good feeling 
that this time is the charm...

This is what I've got...


This is what I want--


You can read this issue of DIRTIER in its entirety HERE!!

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