Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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This 20 foot wide 12 bottom plow is what makes our Favorite Farmer, John Hoff, just simply go over the moon.


He is our endeared Pure Steel Shovel maker and has gallantly made time in this hectic autumn season of planting and plowing to fill a superfast order for us…
If you are thinking of our one-of-a-kind lasts-forever
monogrammed high-gauge stainless shovel for your
gardening beloveds for Christmas …put in your orders now
and we will all be ahead of the game…

Nothing says
"look how I thought of you"
as endearingly as a Monogrammed Shovel

Dianne B Best Products 121

But Preen Organic Vegetable Garden weed killer really works.
One of the few perks of being a garden writer, this kind of
company sends me big containers of its products to try.
Well – I figured if it is OK for vegetables, it would be OK around
my varied plantings, so I have tried it in some unlikely places, in almost full sun and almost deep shade – and it works.
The trick is that the area must be weed free when you sprinkle the 
little pellets on
(it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t kill weeds that are already there)
and sure, a few unwanted things peep up here and there but by
and large – it really works.


MORE  GROUNDCOVER – don’t wince…

In preparation for my new book, on the unlikely subject of Groundcovers: The Garden's Carpet,  on and off I have been
giving you a few sneak previews of favored and enthralling combinations…Here are a few more:

Painters Palette and Epimedium are a smart combination
because they are interesting at opposite ends of the
seasonal spectrum.


And, of course, Lamium, everyday violets, Japanese Painted
Fern and variegated Petasites go with everything


Combinations are absolutely endless…more next time as this
idea knows no end...

And who said Groundcovers are boring....

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