Thursday, April 5, 2012

It’s still March, for God’s sake…
or at least it was a few days ago.

We've had a normal weather respite for the last week
Thank God
(and I say this sincerely on Palm Sunday)
and the garden has slowed down a bit
Even  some hellebores are beginning to fade…that usually doesn’t happen until May!

And  of  course

I am not going to show you a picture of weeds because 
this is one thing  you all have, and for which 
you need  a  Dig Deep Weeder.

The warmth also signaled a very early end to the
Dwarf Reticulate and histrioides Iris and a quick end to the snowdrops…suddenly shriveled and sad …also a reminder….
now is the time to divide them -
when you can remember where they were and where you want more.

Oh yes, and speaking of snowdrops, ‘S. Arnott’ is really the biggest
and showiest.  It’s a shame that you cannot appreciate the size
in these rather shaky pictures,

but trust me, flailing open like this –  at least 2 inches across –
and when drooping it is the size of the famous 
pearl earring of Vermeer.

So right now is the time, if there ever was one, to get your snowdrop
orders into the most gallant and graceful bulb supplier of all time,
The Temple Nursery of Mr. H. Lyman.  
Mr. Lyman  is a real specialist and corresponds with you in calligraphy.  Yes, I swear this to be true.  And there is no 
web site, (which is a relief really)
but you may request a catalogue at 
Box 591, Trumansburg, New York  14886.  
Please tell him I sent you.

You can read the entire edition of DIRTIER, Volume 34 HERE!

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