Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Oh no - there are those who are still awe-struck by climate change…
Come on….
Can there still be those so  blind and sense-deprived,
Even if one is a Red Stater??
If so, then let my own garden combine with the credible experts
as testimony that

The Times They Have Changed

Let’s take the memborable day March 14 just past, vivid not only because it was my Mother’s birthday, but it was a gorgeous
65 degree day ….

look what happened…
Amazing... A Tulip
Species Tulip humilis

An anemone coronaria….then two…soon five…. can you believe it?

The gentle single petalled one is Anemone coronaria ‘Mr. Fokker’ and the denser purplier is ‘Lord Lieutenant’, both from Brent and Becky.

They are funny little bulbs that look like claws and must be soaked overnight before planting.  And... they are not expensive……
this is the result of a few bulbs…
you can believe my next order
will be dozens…

They go dormant in early summer but sprout forth their
lacy perky startling green leaves in autumn
(another one of those things for which you need your
Plant Markers)

…and look at these  peonies bursting up and screaming
Let Me Out of Here

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