Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year from Dianne B.


Happy to welcome in another year …

I share with you some my favorite Happy New Year Greetings….
Robert Wilson as Krapp in Beckett’s Krapps Last Tape.
Always have something in the air.

Make yours a spectacular, colorful and variegated year.

Let your imagination run wild,
like these Wild Horses of Sable Island 
photographed by Roberto Dutescu.

Appreciate the beauty in the not so obvious.
Aqueous abstract of LongHouse Reserve Pond 
in Winter by Peter Olsen.

And always be in the right place at the right time.

 And never forget – there’s no place like home.

Skye making gingerbread house.

And here are a few – not so poetic - moments I 
just had to share…

Impossible to get the iconic blue Town Pond Christmas tree with its night look and the swans at the same time…so here are the swans and you can get a glimpse of the blue tree,not so fabulous, in the fading afternoon light.

Do you think there is something for this swan to eat?

This is a spirited Santa type who took the 
New Years Day Polar Bear Plunge 
into the freezing Atlantic..

Long may he wave....or shiver.

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