Sunday, September 2, 2012

There  Are  Painted  Ferns And then there are really Painted Ferns.
This one is particularly white, it is amazing  how they stay pure and white in this intensely Hot Summer Heat . 
It’s called ‘Ghost’ and it came from Plant Delights.


Though most are already finished, there are still
some Clematis scrambling,

and Calla Lilies

and my Voodoo Lilies.
Note that the ganesha (Remover of all Obstacles)is almost 3 feet
tall, so you can easily calculate the towering stature of the
Voodoo Lily that umbrellas him/or is it her/I think
maybe it’s an ‘it’.

The gorgeous leafhead of Arisaema consanguinem.

The significant tripartite leaves of other Arisaema:
The lower one is Arisaema costatum, the bigger one – I think – is Arisaema griffithii var Pradhani – the bronze bird was once an andiron.


The reason I don’t know exactly which one it
is – well…. just guess…. because I didn’t use my

And the seed pod of Arisaema sikokianum.

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