Saturday, July 7, 2012


When I first began to garden I could never figure out what was meant 
by groundcover because no matter how much I planted  it never 
covered enough ground.
Now I am getting the hang of it… and feel so blessed with combinations and choices…that it could be the perfect subject for another book…

Oxalis + variegated ivy.


Another Oxalis , 'Iron Cross' , and maybe my favorite,
taking over the receding Anemone foliage 
(ah, the joys of layered planting – and so easy
to do with these little bulbs)


Hellebore, Autumn Fern (stupendous colors) and Japanese
Painted – the indispensable fern


Epimedium, Japanese Painted, Heuchera good old
‘Palace Purple’ and Hellebore


Schizophragma 'Moonlight'  is usually used as a vine,
but if it has no support, then it is the most divine groundcover...
like its more well-known climbing hydrangea cousin,
Hydrangea petiolaris.

So, if your garden lacks walls – letting them scramble on the
ground is a fantastic use for certain vines.
Here mixed with Persian Big-Leaf Ivy.


Delicious shiny Asarum europaeum with Fern Leaf peony
foliage, Acanthus leaf and what would I do without my
masses of Sedum ‘Acre’.


Sedum ‘Acre’ with a tuft here and there of Black Mondo Grass
(courtesy of April Gornik – but mine never gets as tuftier as hers)


Asarum with Trillium and Arum italicum – one of the most
underused and greatest of all perennials


Japanese Painted fern – which looks gorgeous with everything – and 
the sweet-smelling mound-forming ever-increasing,
oh what is it called???
 begins with a G....


Japanese Painted Fern and Saxifragia, though
I don't know which one


Violets (this a less aggressive, more sophisticated one that I got from 
Abby Jane Brody... and cherish) with an ever-travelling Disporum.


And  the wonderful Sedum 'Angelina'
mixed with a little Sedum 'Blue Spruce',
which is unfortunately not nearly as willing
to cover my ground.


I could go on and on…and will do just that in the next issue of Dirtier…
and maybe in that book that is hovering in my subconscious…

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