Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well, just climb inside those rangy bushes and cut those long
twangy branches off – bring them inside –
and plop them into a big sturdy vase and put them in
a room with high ceilings.

The  matching  fuschia/magenta of the tips of 
Euphorbia robbiae hovering over the double Hellebore.

The tender blue-white mottling of the treasured Iris histrioides ‘Katherine Hodgkin’ 

growing canopied by a prostrate yew and these big old Allium
leaves -  just think – big Allium leaves in March!
Look at these three variartiions on gold/yellow/amber/chartreuse/and
best-of-all spring green:  the Euphorbia Ascot’s Rainbow, a charming small-cupped daffodil with just a little orange and the new-growth green of a highly-pruned Hinoki cypress

And this other double Hellebore -  kicking up 
through the Lamium.

The lush green moss caresses the dwarf charming Muscari  ‘Azureum’, eyed closely enough you can detect small blue stripes on each pale under-petal…absolutely dreamy.

An exceptionally spring green grass field around the corner
strewn with 100’s of daffodils.

And, If you missed this unprecedented event at Cornell, you might like to know that even though this once-every-140 years-in-captivity is hard to compete with,
the Drancunculus here on David's Lane are
already at least a foot tall and who knows, just might be open for the 
Garden Conservancy Open Day on May 12.
Not as gigantic ...but also extremely exotic and stinky.

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