Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RAKING - A Moss Rake

New Favorite Garden Chore is fluffing up and cleaning and greening the moss with a bamboo rake.…or at least right up there with Japanese maple pruning — (for me the paradigmal garden task and much easier since subscribing to SUKIYA LIVING --- the easy-to-read Japanese Gardening Journal with no-miss illustrations for pruning, setting stones all the things that look so easy but are really so hard)

I know it's not very Martha Stewartian, but I hate weeding (although there is sometimes a sense of accomplishment when the ground is damp). I like to plant bulbs, for me it's like painting pictures, but I hate getting an overgrown plant out of a plastic container….

And the thing I really hate is winding the hose back onto its reel; but I do very much like this raking of the moss.... (you can buy bamboo rakes on amazon)

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