Sunday, October 31, 2010


Dianne B is ahead of its time…. Our Chic French Rubber Panther Boots –have been available for more than a year…yet you would think that the fashion world had just discovered animal prints by the looks of every magazine. We have most sizes….they run a little small (typically French) so order one size up. You can find them on our website.

The Best @ Dianne B Fall Special…………I had only intended for this too-good-to-ignore occasion to last until September 30th…but since I am only getting around to this NewsLetter now, and as my bulbs are just arriving this week, and as there are loads of chores before me — upon second thought dear gardening friends, it seems only fair to extend this golden opportunity for a few more 25% off is a whopping good deal-- good until November 15th only for readers of DIRTIER...put in Code FBSPECIAL when the box pops up upon check-out.

And, if you're smart--you'll order your Christmas gifts early too.....

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