Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Spring Somewhere

If you have never been witness to one of the extravaganza European Flower Shows, well....then you just cannot imagine what Flower Power really is. If you are limited to, say, the Philadelphia Flower Show as your epitome of lavishness, then you must - sooner or later - take the leap and go beyond. Of course, because these totally over-the-top shows are in Europe - the big drawback is that you can't drag anything home through customs for your own garden and for that - i think i them just a little less.
This year there is the Floralies of Ghent which is in Flanders, which is the Dutch part of Belgium. Unless you are a Royal or have a special entree like we garden writers occasionally (rarely) do, April 17th marks the Opening Day. Breathtaking in its grandeur, the Floralies of Ghent occupies 44,000 square meters and for thous of you who are metrically challenged, let me just say that this is huge and the participants have centuries of flower-making grandeur to live up to ...unlike our Pilgrims and Founding Fathers/Mothers/Gardeners.

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