Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blandishments Be Praised

I can now attest that people in Connecticut and Colorado, Oklahoma and Oregon read and regard the esteemed magazine Town & Country - not only with reverence but with action! Their great coverage of the The Best @ Dianne B in the March issue has roused all sorts of heretofore unknown-to-us people into thinking of spring - panting for Panther Boots, ordering shovels and wrapping themselves in Tool Belts. Horray!

I am thrilled for that very juicy bit of national PR but nor more appreciative of it than I am of the local papers near New London. Connecticut. A few weeks ago The Groton Times and the Mystic Times had this to say, "Who says you can't look smashing when you're flapping compost? In fact, Dianne B has made a second and perhaps third career out of doing just that. No frumpy Wellies or Crocs for this former Madison Avenue fashion maven turned Hamptons gardener. She knows how to pick out a mean shovel too......"

Plus there is a very busy blogger with a site full of exciting images and far-flung ideas with the enticing sub-title of GARDEN LUST. call The Best @ Dianne B "ground breaking" - all puns appreciated - as well as my latest "toe-dip" - a new expression to me...and charming.

My thanks to you all.

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