Monday, February 1, 2010

Flowers Everywhere

There was a too quick mention of the extraordinary show, The Language of Flowers, in Dirtier: my NewsLetter. It is now on view until Februry 20th at CRG Gallery, a beautiful 2nd floor space in 535 West 22nd Street. One might jump to the conclusion that 'Flowers' seems too easy a theme for an art exhibition in Chelsea in 2010, but the depth of this show on the symbolic nature of the flower is a boon for we flower lovers who like to be engaged in other ways than knee deep in our gardens.

Different artists have incorporated the flower into their work in various forms that range from Karl Blossfeldt's early erotic flower images (long before Robert Mapplethorpe, though his titillating Calla Lily is there too) to a fantastic assemblage by Petah Coyne that incorporates everything from pearl-headed hatpins and a taxidermy bird into a soaring rose wall-hanging made up of the most absolutely poignant black-red end of the color spectrum.

Find out more about this show at And while you are there in Chelsea --- visit The HIghLine in winter. Without the often subtle but still distracting array of the growing season, the architecture and the brilliant idea of The HighLine emerges more fully.

You will have a wonderful day.

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