Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beware The Squirting Cucumber!

At this very time last year we were in breathtaking Jordan wandering among the ruins of Jerash. I spied a drift of what seemed to be charming white flowers and, entranced, ran toward them with a great burst of closer inspection - thinking that the pendulous pimply fleshy fruit was some sort of poppy maybe -what hit me? I couldn't imagine, but in fact a startling liquid noisy projectile literally jumped from the plant and landed square on my cheek - what was happening?
Well, it was Ecballium elaterium, or the stupendous Squirting Cucumber. Well, in fact it was just doing its thing...which is spewing out seeds and juice as it becomes ripe. I hope you all get to witness this horticultural phenomena of the desert - because that means you will also get to see the wonders of Jordan and Petra. Don't miss it. Put it at the very top of your Things I must See in My Life.

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