Friday, November 20, 2009

The Handyman Can

Have I got a guy for you....
This is a note especially for resident s of East Hampton Village. Our code has just been altered to allow for a particular kind of 8' deer protection fencing --- here is the best way to get one installed right away as the deer begin their rut: Call Nick, The Handyman that Can at 631.265.8613. He has just installed the new village-approved method for us and here it is.Instead of the ineffectual 6 foot fence that up-until-now was the only option, the village code now allows for a smooth, round, dark-color wire at 8 foot (you can keep, or still build, whatever you wish up to 6 foot). It is promised that this measure will deter the hungry beasts and so we immediately went about getting estimates from many of our local classic fence installers. The fast, honest and reliable Handyman Can won the bid by a mile.
So, even though having to have this fence at all is a drag, with this method there is still a sense of yard and community on our beautiful Davids Lane. And what is worse? - gnawed-on hydrangeas, chewed up Japanese maples, nibbled-to-the-nub heuchera and hosta - or this innocuous fencing that soon enough will be vine or leaf covered and fade into the periphery? Get the fence.

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