Sunday, November 15, 2009

Black Tulips

Well, there is no such thing --- there is sanguine, pitch and deepest purple, also that shadowy color like the darkest part of a bruise and there is the profound color of aubergine, though it never seems to really translate beyond an eggplant. So, just stop searching for black tulips( blue too, like tree peonies just don't exist)and instead revel in the fantastic shapes and kinds of the near-blacks that you can have... Black Hero Black Parrot

Black Hero is a little more inky and a little taller than Black Parrot (more velvety and fringier). Queen of the Night is the standard bearer of all the sooty darks, also try some Cum Laude to appreciate the difference between 'the Queen' and a really good purple. Any of these tulips will enchance any floriferous bed in any color. Just think ...pale off pink/lavender (Oillioules is great) and black, orange(Annie Schilders)and black, white and black. Everything always looks better with black and you will be sorry if you skimp and don't plant enough. YSL has a divine new nail polish called Black Tulip that really captures the hue --- those of you who manicure might reward yourself when all the planting is done.
Queen of the Night Cum LaudeAll of these pictured tulips were still available from Van Engelen when last I checked.

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