Friday, October 2, 2009

Think Tulips - Part 3 - Where to Buy

Not only which tulips - but from whom to buy them - and just how much to indulge . Oh decisions, decisions...

BesidesVan Engelen ( and Scheepers (, there is not a season goes by that I don't turn to Brent and Becky's Bulbs -this year especially for Fritillaria, Arum and Allium. Odyssey Bulbs captured my attention with their variegated leaf Fritillaria imperialis and I am returning to Colorblends for another great assortment of French Blend Rose mixed with Gudoshnik. These Darwin Hybrid tulips have a great prismatic quality --- each one is actually slightly different. Another terrific one that changes in its feathering and spotting is'Silverstream' --- this variable quality plus white-marginated leaves!

This fusion is the last to bloom and absolutely compelling for cutting. Order a few Ollioules while you are on that same Darwin Hybrid page - it is unbelievably big and beautiful.

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