Thursday, October 1, 2009

Think Tulips - Part 2

Tulip enjoyment is the best --- but tulip ordering is absolutely the worst. I can deal with making the decisions in all the other genre/categories/kinds, but when it comes to tulips - I am waylaid, flabbergasted - totally irresolute. This year I am torn between whether the black and whites should be Single Lates (Queen of the Night, of course + Maureen) or Peony Flowering (or Double Lates), Black Hero and Mount Tacoma. I am inching toward a purple/orange patch, but can't decide where to put it - and can't live without my favorites: Carnavl de Nice and Red Parrot are two that go particularly well in my hand-painted tulip vase. The beauty Estella Rynvald is outstanding among red and whites.

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