Friday, July 3, 2009

What People Are Saying

Gardening Stylista
by Douglas Harrington

The website is beautifully designed and user friendly. The descriptions are written with Benson's usual wit and style and her choices are, indeed, 10 essentials that should get any novice started and become the coveted tools and accessories of even the most seasoned gardener. Beyond all that, the items are priced right, obviously with the present economy in consideration. "I wanted to zero in on 10 things I truly believed in, they are honest and timeless, not things that are 'in fashion' and you need or want to replace in three months" These are not just gardening essentials, they are old friends that Benson herself truly believes in and that she and her fellow gardeners cannot be without.

In a time of challenging economic and political conditions, many of us are considering what we have, as opposed to what we want. Perhaps reveling in the simpler pleasures of home hearth and garden. If the latter is the case, dig in! However, before you do you may want to find Dianne Benson's book "Dirt" and go to to equip yourself before you get started.

Read the whole article and see new pictures of Dianne and her garden at www.hampton'

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