Saturday, July 4, 2009

Astounding Garden Tip

Neverendingly, I try to convince friends to grow jack-in-the-Pulipts, or Arisaema, in all their splendid variety. The tug of hesitation might be spurred by the pricey tags on said fabulous 'Jacks'. In the best catalogues for this sort of thing, and one little plant is usually $20 or more. Then one gets a tiny tuber that is usually not even visible in the little pot, so you just have to pray and mark the spot well with your quintessential plant markers. But I have found a source for an exceptional Arisaema consanguinem at such a fabulous price that I ordered three and they all 'bloomed'. Dare I share this valuable source? in California is a cornucopia of many great plants. This one is all sold out now, but get on the waiting list. The otherworldly ends are divinely called drip tips. Fabulous.

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