Monday, March 4, 2013

No Winter Doldrums @ Dianne B

As a Garden lover,  it doesn’t take too very much to excite me:


These promising green shoots fill me with joy, 
not quite sure if galanthus or little iris or early daffodils or 
what…but who cares? 
  The reason I plant  more bulbs each year is to be in for those
scintillating little surprises.


The hold-your-breathiness of the first spotting of a thick
old patch of snowdrops.

The colors of these Leucothoe ‘Rainbow’ leaves are only this good
in the harshest of conditions.


Hellebores pushing through the ice make me happy.


BUT  the Most Exciting Treasure of the 2013 season
( so far, of course)
Is the tiny, but unbelievably exhilarating blooming of  cyclamen coum.


This is the first time I have gotten actual blooms in oh so many tries…
So hooray for  Edelweiss Pernennials

Excerpted from DIRTIER: Volume 45.
Read it in its entirety Here.

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