Monday, February 13, 2012


Aimed at my  fellow frigid-blooded friends who, like me,  are always cold…

A cozy house just is not enough.

If there is happiness in a material thing, especially one as simple as a pair of well-fitting, warm fleecy tights, then I have found Nirvana. Mind you, these are not  Yoga pants  or running pants -- so they don’t have  annoying floppy wide legs or even worse, an elastic band at the ankle…nor do they have any messages printed on them anywhere.  They are just simple warm and comforting.

If my website,
The Best @ Dianne B can bring the same happiness to you that these toasty tights from Blue Ice Clothing  have brought to me, I am happy.

Long before Patti Smith’s great little book ,
Just Kids about her juicy sixties life in New York with Robert Mapplethorpe received a National Book Award, I recommended it here in Volume 10 of DIRTIER when first published, and now in the throes of winter I would like to point you toward another small tome from Patti called  - delightfully and snuggly –Woolgathering.

In this hardcover book, a reprise of a small volume she made in the 90’s for the charmingly diminutive Hannuman Press. 
(If you don’t know these tiny 2 x 4 inch books printed in India by Raymond Foye and Francesco Clemente, well, then you should).

…anyway in this new edition of
Woolgathering, available in your bookstores now, she covers and photographs all sorts of topics from our forefathers to what’s on Johnny Depp’s desk. Snug and charming.

Best of this…best of that…Best movie of the year, best book, best plant, best buy, best best best.  Well, who knows these days what is best anyway with such an abundance of choices, but I particularly like the idea of Best Word of the Year as chosen by the American Dialect Society (in cahoots with the Linguistic Society) and they have chosen:

Nothing like bringing new life to a seemingly 
tired old word.

Since Brain Pickings dreamed up a logo similar to mine (I won’t pile on the hosannas  by alluding that they might have been influenced, but I think mine came first), I have taken interest in this website and you might too.  It is sometimes nerdy and too new-agey – and never about gardening -- but mostly has great images and things of cultural interest .

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