Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holiday Special Offer


Acer shirasawanum 'Autumn Moon'

Acer shirasawanum 'Autumn Moon'

is not only in the beauty of these glorious autumn colors, it is
also the chance of a lifetime to refresh your garden supplies or stock up on Christmas gifts for everyone on your list who even dabbles in daffodils or enjoys communing  with their yard or window box.
Never Before Dianne B. Great Deal----Special Buy All  for $350
This deal of a lifetime is Not Just for Gardeners…imagine how many Christmas gifts you could provide by giving out a monogrammed shovel here, fabulous aluminum tags there and the hippest tool belt anywhere.

Go to our website and click on the "Specials" button in the right sidebar to see the details for All Twelve Garden Greats.

The regular price for all Twelve Garden Greats at Dianne B. is $530.
Because: Dianne is refreshing the site by retiring a few things and
adding two new gorgeous tools AND because the Holidays are
coming and it is time to be generous--For a very limited time and
FREE SHIPPING (usually  at least $35.00)…every single
item can be yours for only $350.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime fantastic holiday offer!  

A great way to buy a gift for one person, or as a way to shop
for gifts for all of your gardening friends
(you can spread out the items to many people on your list).

Expect a usual Dianne B DIRTIER before Thanksgiving, which will coincide with the introduction of the have-to-have new Couture Gardening Tools.  You'll not be able to be resist the handmade best-in-show Dig Deep Weeder nor certainly The Poetic Potting Trowel...both incised with The Best @ Dianne B motto:

Gardening with Style

In the meantime, Happy Bulb Planting.  
You can never have enough spring flowers.

Arum italicum

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