Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Days in the Garden

"Another day, after much rain and grayness, the ground is pliable and rife for "digging up."  My enterprise is to dig up all my exotic heat-loving, big leaved tropical beauties not able to withstand the winter onslaught of Zone 7.  Of course, you can just leave them in the ground to rot if you have no interest in perpetuity or can afford to think of them as annuals and go out each season and repurchase the same over and over again. Granted, in the early years I did just that, because the idea of digging and storing was as alien to me as the old seed-starting technique.  Eventually digging-and-storing became a rhythm I've come to trust and suggest it as a practice all should embrace.It's not difficult, not outrageously time-consuming, and extremely rewarding. Not only because you don't have to spend the same money time and again, but more importantly because the bulbs/corms/tubers increase each year in size and with the next planting you have bigger, bolder, even more excessive versions." 

Excerpted from DIRT: The Lowdown on Gardening with Style by Dianne Benson.

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