Sunday, June 26, 2011

DIRTIER:The Gardener's Must-Read by Dianne B

It is mid-June and the white corner of the whitest part of the garden is whiter
than it has ever been with this year’s prolifically blooming dogwoods and a few
white leafy additions here and there……..

It’s not a big garden, but it is a dense garden…not big enough to persuade
the fancy Assouline editors of Jack de Lashmet’s great Hamptons Gardens book to
include me in it, but they just weren’t into its’ subtleties.

A big old deutzia interscrambled with a tiny white climbing rose — both here when I
got to the garden and the natural starting point for its white phase — with that
can't-be-overestimated Japanese willow H. Nishiki limbed way up and 2 kinds
of dogwood.  A variegated beauty that hardly ever blooms and a classic Cornus
kousa that started out as a LongHouse sapling.  Ground covered in Athyrium
‘Ghost', Pulmonaria ‘Not Sissinghurst White but Looks Just Like It’ and
Solomon’s Seal and it’s cousin Disporum make it as white as I can manage….
Looks beautiful, no?

The really subtle pairing of my fabulous Aralia elata variegata ‘Silver Umbrellas’
(which I have just discovered is listed on the most dangerous invasive plant lists,
but have decided to ignore it and watch very carefully for those suckers) and the 
intensely mottled green and white leaves of Japanese maple.

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