Thursday, June 2, 2011

DIRTIER: A Gardener's Must-Read by Dianne B.


Several people on the great St. Luke’s House and Garden Tour were crazy about  these beautiful ‘Star Flowers’ and I told each of them unequivocally that they are Ixiolirion…so,  for those of you who diligently copied it down  ---  I was dead wrong --- one of those cases of Latin blackout.  Ixiolirion are leggier plants that don’t have nearly as much appeal.  The ‘Star Flower’ you want is Ipheion and the one with the very best color is ‘Wisley Blue’.  They perennialize for sure and are bluer than they look in this photo.


I can’t say enough about the effectiveness of Whitetail Solutions for keeping the deer away from my tulips!   Yes, it’s true most of the garden is fenced in, but the front walk with its array most definitely has no fence — no defenses at all except for the magic potion applied by Leslie Gelb and her WhiteTail Miracle spray.  May I remind you that it does not leave that ugly white film and it hardly smells.  If you are in Suffolk County…definitely call 631.324.4200


Of course, this fern will stop at nothing and  can eat your garden alive; but one must applaud the fortitude of the good old Ostrich fern,  Matteucia struthiopteris for its insistence.... see how it crashes its way up through several layers of macadam …….

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