Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Big Cheerful Valentine Hello

A  Big Cheerful Valentine  Hello
There is so much cheery decor at Holidaytime that I am now extremely happy that my intended-for-Christmas flashy red and white amaryllis waited until Valentine’s Day to bloom.  They are just perfect for right this minute...

These nice fat Amaryllis bulbs were from Van Engelen and have the ever-charming names of ‘Cocktail’ --- the single bloom with the red and white center and ‘Rock ‘N Roll’ — the big frilly double.
I didn’t even order them until December 13th and then they couldn’t ship because it was too cold…this accounts for the generous Valentine’s bloom…so it wasn’t a blooper after all.  But they take about six weeks, so it takes some very worthwhile planning ahead.


The Black Jewel Orchid is a fabulous plant even when it does not bloom, as the highly veined glossy black leaves that tumble over one another like the most graceful of the Wandering Jews (the plant, that is)  are plenty to sustain even the most discerning houseplant eye.The bloom, and even the nice plumping up of the buds leading up to the flowering  is fabulous.  It stays that way  a long time, is easy to grow and actually reblooms most of the time.  I’ve had the one in these photographs for 4, maybe 5 years and there was only one year with no bloom and it was still very nice because of the fabulous black leaves. 
Your best nursery should have these for sale, but if
not - try the ever-wonderful
Logee’s Greenhouse, they have a few kinds,
but the one you want is Ludisia discolor.

Sunday,  March 6th
  One  PM —  Lecture
Reception follows
Bridge Garden Trust

The Winter Lecture Series is a collaboration between The Madoo Conservancy, Bridge Gardens and the Peconic Land Trust… and I hope that if you are anywhere near the East End of Long Island on that day that you will come to hear me talk.  The Winter Lecture Series this year has focused on Objects in the Garden, and so I will be talking on a favorite topic:  
 Bulbs, Tubers and Tropicals as Objects in the Summer Garden

Winter Lecture Series at Bridge Gardens
Bridge Gardens, 36 Mitchell Lane, Bridgehampton

1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Please join us for our fifth lecture in our six-part series in cooperation with Madoo Conservancy.
This week's lecture will feature former fashion diva and all-around garden enthusiast, Dianne Benson.
In keeping with our theme of art in the garden, Ms. Benson's presentation is entitled, "Objects in the Summer Garden: Tubers, Tropicals and Bulbs." Dianne Benson authors her monthly newsletter: "Dirtier" and her website:, where she has whittled all the gardening accoutrements in the world down to Twelve Garden Greats - a garden shoppers dream come true.
Currently co-President of LongHouse Reserve and a Director of the Water Mill Center, Ms. Benson's indulgence in the arts and gardening on the EAst End are central to her life. She is currently working on a sequel to her cult classic, "DIRT: Dirtier: The Continuing Story of a Passionate Gardener."
Lectures are $15/person, or free to members of either Bridge Gardens or Madoo Conservancy.
Refreshments will be provided following the program. For reservations, please contact Robin Harris at the Peconic Land Trust at 631-283-3195 or by email to

I sure do hope you all will come…there will be lots of scintillating images to drool over…and a delightful reception following…….


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