Monday, July 5, 2010


This extremely controversial matter has me flummoxed. There are those who contend — remove the seed pods — remove all seed pods. These deadheaders who believe in lopping off any bulging after-flower parts unless you plan to propagate are on the side of putting all the plant’s energy into flowering. In other words, not letting it go to seed. Well… I have no plans (or space or time and not much patience) to breed even my most beloved plants from seed but I Love the Seedpods. I love them on daffodils, I love them on Iris, and I especially love them on peonies.

Look at these fat velvety apparitions:

June 27 2010 006 3

June 27 2010 021 3

So, what to do? With these lovely tree peony seed pods.......... The seed pods are as enthralling— or maybe more so — than the flowers. In nature, of course, the seed pods don't get cut off – so unless someone can present me a good reason for decapitating them…I'd rather leave them... Though all good advice is welcome…


zentexan said...

Leaving them seems so natural and so clear...why not? Seems uninteresting and odd to cut off part of a process...and for what's sake? Love the pods...lovely.

Sue said...

You have opened my eyes! I have only had Peonys for two years, but next year, I'll wait for the pods, eagerly.