Friday, June 4, 2010

The devotees of the Garden Conservancy have come and gone from this garden, every square inch of which had been lovingly and painstakingly considered for the May 1 anticipated Conservancy Open Day.  I like deadlines like Garden Tours and big parties and editorial crack-downs, so I fluffed and raked and puttered and planted and must admit that the vagaries of global warming made for a perfect day.  You just have to believe me that 24 hours later it was not that great.... the Silverstream tulips gave out…the puffed-up Muscari plumosa began to flop --- but usually you hear from a gardener "You should have seen it yesterday."  This is just the reverse and I've nothing to whine about...

The Southampton Press published a very nice story about me and the family and the garden: these pictures were taken mid-April,  two weeks before the garden tour.

SH Press Print story

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