Friday, March 19, 2010

Speaking of Garden Accessories

If you don't have acres of land nor rolling hills to perfectly situate the big deer, every garden can use the personalization of a little something. Often sculpture or furniture sounds too stiff -- or maybe even foreboding, if not unromantic. Too serious and formal, but if you think of your personal touches as accessories like you would a yellow pair of gloves or that favorite scarf that you brought back from Prague - then it is much easier to imbue your garden with your own personality. It can be anything, a peeling garden gate that leads to nowhere, shells you brought back from South Africa (or bought in Sag Harbor). A proper Japanese granite 2 ton basin, or a coveted decomposing concrete stool that attracts lichen and makes itself quite at home. Look around your house, your attic, your shed - be adventurous and never forget - to travel is to shop.

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