Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Growth - Maroon

The longed for colors of spring are mysterious and pallette-defying. I'd plant a million bulbs if I could....just to see those unlike-any-other-time colors peek through.

Actually maroon is a terrible description for such a a wonderful act of nature...the first signs of spring growth, whether jutting out like a little spur on some Japanese maples or the points of a new peony pushing up from the earth, are the antithesis of being stranded and sort of maroon suggests.

It's a vibrant, brilliant color with over tones of copper and bronze and undertones of rubies and currants. The spring darks are a different tone than that of the later summer growth---even the blackest of dark plants lack spring it's the color that glistens.

This little Iris is only one shade of the spectrum.

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