Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Buying Tip

Order soon for summer flowering bulbs. Most all of the bulb catalogues have a deal if you order early...(Van Bourgondien Nursery is even offering 50$ off till February 18, Brent and Becky 10% off with paid order by March 1) Shopping for summer flowering bulbs is much less harrowing than the vast assortment of spring flowering bulbs. And there's the extra bonus of planting them as the weather is warming up and the evenings are growing longer, instead of fending off 40 degrees with frost-bitten fingers and the dark hovering. And though there are many fewer delectables to choose from, and not all are exactly what you would call garden classics, there are some beauties. Do consult the blog for a big run-down on what I consider can't-live-withouts and others you should strictly avoid, like Asiatic lilies...

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