Friday, December 11, 2009



Considering that I am a variegation lover --- seek it out on petals and leaves and every plant part --- as well as an astute tracker and big fan of classic plants with a twist... I must rant that they have gone to far with poinsettias this year.
Red is one's's Christmas, so one tends to overlook the scrawny nature of the plant, the insubstantial leaves and bracts prone to withering ...the ubiquitousness of the whole idea.

But this new breed of poinsettias in horrible shades of pink and with endless pointless variations on variegation is just too much to bear... and they are everywhere looking half-sick .
I am ignoring this new category of Christmas plant in the hopes that it will go away. Jettison these scraggly dogs and look around your garden for some real holly, the bronze backed leaves of summer magnolias and ultimately, elegant whole branches of the glossy and ultra chic Mahonia.

My holly berries are not too abundant this about yours?

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Michael W. said...

My sisters Holly bush was covered from head to toe this year..Year ago she had flowers on it in the spring..