Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Propitious Moss Modes

One of the most charming elements, and certainly the freshest of the autumn garden is the lushness of various mosses. Some around here are God-given but others have been initially acquired from Moss Acres and coaxed along by me. The company ships vibrant clumps of live mosses and if situated just right, they actually do spread and of course, you can help it spread. Under the big old magnolia, there is now so much moss galore that I pick up big clumps of it with my wonderful trowel and move it to north facing moody shady places that look particularly susceptible. Now that summer is heating-down - the time is ripe to dream of big endeavors like creating a Moss Lawn - extremely ambitious - but little pockets of moss are easier and can be a big wow. The Moss Acres site is filled with information, mosses to buy and Latin names. Forget the Moss Milkshake (no directions really, so one is expected to be something of a magician and just conjure up how it is supposed to be diluted, spread - how it works) but the sheets of mosses they ship arrive ready to grow. Plant (or place) immediately.

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