Monday, July 6, 2009

Deer Are Driving me Crazy

I have accepted the fact that they devour hosta and the succulent blooms of tulips and lilies. I thought I could stay on top of those things by spraying, but now the greedy, graceful pigs are eating everything: Kitengeshoma buds, Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh' just when the buds were to unfurl and Horror of Horrors - my tiered struggling dogwood sapling that was preciously smuggled out of The Cotswold and I have been nursing for three years. If Whitetail Solutions had not come along, I think I might be giving up - so disheartening it is. If you are in or near East Hampton call 631.848.7400 and charming Leslie will come with a potent backpack that nontoxically keeps deer away - our several experiments have worked (photo shows sprayed and not sprayed hosta) and her magic formula does not leave that smudgy white film. it even withstands some rain.

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